At the shareholders meeting held earlier this week, Perini Navi appointed a new Board of Directors comprised of Lamberto Tacoli – Chairman and CEO, Fabio Boschi and Edoardo Tabacchi as Vice Presidents and Massimo d’Aiuto and Emanuele Maria Tabacchi as Directors.

The appointment of the new Board of Directors follows the recent partnership agreement between the Faper Group, a holding company founded by Fabio Perini, and Dino Tabacchi’s family company, Fenix Srl.

With a capital injection of €27 million, Fenix Srl owns 49.99% of Perini Navi and Faper Group has a 50.01% shareholding.

I am extremely pleased and proud to contribute to this project, which I strongly believe in”, said Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman and CEO of Perini Navi. “We will continue to strive to make our world renowned brand an even stronger representation of ‘Made in Italy’ excellence.’

The new Board of Directors will remain in office for a three-year term.