Whether yachts are in our shipyards or sailing around the world, our Service Team provides boats from the Perini Navi fleet as well as from other shipyards with a full range of services.

We offer remote assistance and information for the crew to solve issues on board; we fly our experienced people around the world to assist on site; we source and ship spare parts and we welcome yachts in our shipyards when direct assistance is needed.


Perini Navi is a worldwide leader in designing and building its own vessels and is renowned for its proprietary innovations enabling large sailing yachts to be handled with a very limited crew.  As a leading manufacturer of both sailing and motor yachts, the skills and expertise required to design and build large-sized vessels – from concept through to completion – are all in-house.

This unique technical know-how is a major asset of the company, and something we are considerably proud of.


Innovation is a part of Perini Navi’s DNA and each of our yachts are a unique combination of her owner’s inspirations and the team’s technical and design expertise.

The refit work is guaranteed the same level of integrity and assistance that a new build would receive and can count on well-established infrastructure. Yachts can be serviced at the upgraded facilities in Italy – Viareggio and La Spezia – as well as in Tuzla Bay, Turkey.


Designers, interior architects, engineers, fitters, carpenters, state of the art A/V specialists: the people who will service your yacht are the same that have won the most prestigious awards worldwide for their skill and expertise in building some of the largest and most revolutionary sailing and motor yachts afloat, including the legendary Maltese Falcon sailing yacht.

The women and men who have made the Perini Navi service famous throughout the industry are available on all sites, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.



Viareggio is where the Perini Navi headquarters are located and where nearly all of the Perini Navi sailing yachts are built.

Counting on state-of-the art infrastructures and best in class expertise, this location provides full range refit activities for sailing and motor yachts. A technical department specializing in refit is available on site.

15,000 sq.m docking and yard area
Three 60m hangars for yachts
One 45m hangars for yachts
Syncro lift up to 720t
One keel pit
Five docking slots
Four crew offices

La Spezia

Equipped with impressive infrastructures, including new hangars and an expansive dock front, La Spezia has gained a solid reputation in refit.

With its three new 70m hangars and an expansive dock front, La Spezia shipyard is capable of handling larger or more complex refit projects comfortably. Its skilled workforce and manufacturing process have made it the destination shipyard throughout the Mediterranean, with numerous yachts – whether motor or sailing – being worked on at any time.

32,000 sq.m docking and yard area
Three 70m hangars for yachts
Two 50m piers
Draught from 4m to 7m and up
Two travel lifts: 260t and 820t
One keel pit
The possibility of dry-dock for
vessels exceeding 820t

Yildiz – Tuzla Bay, Istanbul

The shipyard, located in the Tuzla Bay shipyard area of Istanbul, started its activity in 1975.

The yacht construction facility consists of 5,450 sq.m of covered prefabrication and erection sheds, 1,600 sq.m of covered workshops, a 1,944 sq.m aluminium prefabrication and stock shed, as well as a 100m slipway with a 55m extension underwater.

One 126m hangar
One 100m hangar
Slipway with rails up to 70m
Berths up to 100m