Project Description

The Yacht

One family’s desire to sail their Perini on their own, if they chose, was honed into this sister-vessel of P2. With interior design styled in-house, the sailing system hardware proved particularly ground-breaking with the latest generation of Perini captive reel winches offering superlative control thanks to the built-in loose sheet recovery mechanism. Inspired by the solitude of the Red Sea archipelago, Dahlak is one family’s escape.

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Length overall 38 m / 125 ft
LWL full load 114 ft / 34,66 m
Beam (max) 28 ft / 8.36 m
Construction Aluminium
Draught (keel up) 18 ft / 5.5 m
Draught (keel down) 12 ft / 3.5 m
Maximum power 400Kw @ 2,100 rpm
Superstructure construction Aluminium
Displacement full load 162 T
Range 1,700 NM @ 12 KT
Fuel capacity 7,000t
Fresh water 3,620 lt
Main mast height above DWL 169 ft / 51.40 m
Total sail area 1,873 m2
Class and LY2 compilance ABS
Naval Architecture Briand Yacht Design
Builder Perini Navi - Viareggio, Italy


38mt Dahlak dep Dahlak


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