Icon of the Made in Italy genius, Fabio Perini founded Perini Navi in the early 1980s, driven by his passion for sailing and unmatched talent for  mechanical engineering. Since the very beginning his goal was to design and build large size sailing yachts able to be controlled by a small crew.

Fabio Perini is a true inventor with a unique vision of the product and rich in values that he was able to transfer to the company and his team, values that have made Perini Navi one of the most successful and prestigious yachting brand in the world.

The Perini Navi yachts are ever since a dream for many for their elegance, technology and distinctive Italian style.

“The most beautiful feature of a yacht is the sea around it”

Fabio Perini 


Giovanni Costantino has founded and today successfully leads and inspires The Italian Sea Group, a company with a development unique in the panorama of yachting business.

The Italian Sea Group takes roots from the acquisition and revamping of three well known Italian brands. Tecnomar, historical Italian yachting name ever since synonymous of sportiness, avant-garde design and high-performance. Admiral, the Group flagship, well known and respected for timeless elegance and prestige. Nuovi Cantieri Apuania, a state-of-the art production site that today features unmatched infrastructures.

In thirteen years, The Italian Sea Group, has been confirmed as one of the largest and most respect player in the international yachting business, specialised in the design, construction and refit of megayachts up to 100m.

The success of the company’s brands has been built around clear core values such Italian spirit, creativity, style, design, art and culture.

The acquisition of Perini Navi – for decades synonymous of tradition, quality and elegance at sea – perfectly abides the development path envisioned by Giovanni Costantino in creating The Italian Sea Group.

Giovanni Costantino takes great pride of the further expansion of the Group’s fleet and continues to bring to the market large size motor and sailing yachts with extreme attention to detail, innovative and unmistakable design.

“Great dreams should never come to an end”

Giovanni Costantino
Founder & CEO – The Italian Sea Group S.p.A.